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Dr. Maya Bailey
Maya Bailey, Ph.D. is a highly successful Master Business Coach who specializes in teaching her clients how to double and triple their incomes by creating their own success blueprint. She works with coaches, consultants, real estate agents and success minded professionals who want to increase their clients in 90 days or less.


Dr. Maya Bailey is an internationally recognized expert in coaching entrepreneurs to achieve multiple 6 figure incomes.


She holds a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Southern California where she specialized in achievement motivation.


She was licensed as a Clinical Psychologist in California in 1975. During her 20 years of private practice in psychotherapy, she created The Center for Personal Development, a large out-patient counseling center in Newport Beach, California.


As the marketing Director of the Center for Personal Development, Dr. Bailey created two television shows. The first show, Inner Journey focused on interviews with authors of books on personal growth. In her second television appearance, she was chosen to be the "call in "Psychologist for the Orange County News Network.


In her clinical work with her clients, she became known as the creator of "experiential psychotherapy", a streamlined version of psychotherapy that helps clients to successfully resolve their issues in a shortened length of time.


Dr. Bailey trained at the Coaches Training Institute in business coaching and marketing strategies in 1995. For the last 12 years, she had a successful private practice in coaching her clients to double and triple their incomes.


What distinguishes Dr. Bailey's approach from others is the unique blend of her psychological expertise combined with her business training. She is well known for helping her clients "create success from the inside out."


She not only helps her clients achieve success through effective marketing strategies and the building of confidence but also through the elimination of self limiting beliefs and the installment of Empowered Beliefs. Her specialty is helping her clients to attain a success mindset that results in creating a multiple 6 figure income.


Dr. Bailey's articles on creating success have been widely published in the USA and Canada.


Maya Bailey, also called “Dr. Maya” has a profound passion for helping people to live their dreams.




How can I claim to have the solutions to your problems, especially when we've never met? Three great reasons come to mind:


  1. I have 13+ years experience coaching entrepreneurs just like you – so there isn't much that surprises me. And there are common patterns which I've learned to identify.

  3. I have a Ph.D. in Psychology that helps me to help you break through your blocks to success easily and efficiently.

  5. I have a proven track record – I am a little embarrassed to tell you that I have files stuffed with unsolicited endorsements from former clients. These folks have made dramatic improvements in their business by following my advice and coaching.

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